New York State Supreme Court Appellate Division Second Department

Supreme Court, State of New York, Appellate Division, Second Department, 45 Monroe Place, Brooklyn, NY 11201
New York County

Court System Type:

Mandatory jurisdiction in civil, criminal, administrative agency, juvenile, lawyer disciplinary, original proceedings, interlocutory decision cases., Discretionary jurisdiction in civil, criminal, juvenile, original proceedings, interlocutory decision cas


Contact Information:

Phone Number: Main: 718-875-1300; General Clerk's Office: 718-722-6324; Attorney Matters: 718-722-6334 or 718-722-6335; Calendar Department: 718-722-6312; Motion Department: 718-722-6318; Active Case Management: 718-722-6488; Court Security: 718-722-648
Fax: Attorney Matters: 718-858-2446; Calendar Department: 718-858-2446; Motion Department: 718-722-6300; Active Case Management: 718-722-6489; Professional Services: 718-855-2884; Deputy Clerk's Office: 718-858-2446; Clerk of the Court: 718-858-2

County Clerk, Judge, or Other Info:

Staff: A. Gail Prudenti (Presiding Justice), Steven W. Fisher, Robert A. Spolzino, William F. Mastro, Reinaldo E. Rivera, Peter B. Skelos, Robert A. Lifson, Edward D. Carni, Joseph Covello, Howard Miller, Fred T. Santucci, David S. Ritter, Anita R. Florio, Mark

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  • How was I chosen? - Jurors are picked at random from lists of registered voters, people with driver's licenses, or those with state issued ID cards.
  • What are the exemptions? Depending on local laws and specific court policies, exemptions MAY include persons over age 70, and those having recently served on a jury (usually within 1-3 years depending on county policy). In the state of New York, there are no automatic professional or government employee exemptions. If any of these apply to you, contact the court to verify they observe the exemption.
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